“Nuit” exhibition

The National Museum of Natural History celebrates the night in a new exhibition taking place from February 12th to November 3rd, 2014: “Nuit“. In the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution, the nocturnal world is revealed with more than 250 sleeping or active animals during the night.

With its exceptional scenery, which takes us in a forest, or under a starry sky, the exhibition invites us to understand the role of the night. Suitable for children, the exhibition is an opportunity to study animal life during the night. While men are asleep in a forest recreated in the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution, many animals are staged in their natural environment. While some sleep, others take advantage of the night and the weather to hunt and prepare their nests!

This fascinating exhibition is suitable for the whole family, and the Museum of Natural History is located just 25 minutes away from Hotel Aida Marais with the metro.

Practical Information:

Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle
36, rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire
75005 Paris

7 Euros (reduced price)
9 euros (normal price)

Opening hours:
10 AM to 6 PM | Closed on Tuesdays

Metro: Censier – Daubenton (line 7)

More information: click here