Shake N’Smash bar

Paris has recently witnessed the opening of a new bar: the “Shake n’Smash“, where you’ll be able to enjoy a cocktail while listening to some great music. Located at a 10-minute walk from Hotel Aida Marais, this new trendy place will seduce you if you enjoy the Parisian night life.

Owned by Jerome Susini, the Shake n’Smash offers 15 original mixed drinks inspired by some of the best cocktails around the world (London, New York or Sydney). Every six months, the menu changes according to the seasons: right now, the girly “Love Hina” cocktail, with Sake Artisan 55, St Germain liquor, homemade rose syrup, lime and Peychaud Bitter, or the “In Bacchus We Trust“, composed of Hennessy brandy, spicy red wine syrup, orange juice and bitter barbecue are some of the unusual creations available at the bar. Its menu also features a selection of tapas and homemade dishes, which you will surely enjoy while you listen to the live concerts and DJ sets that change ever week. An elegant place, in the style of an old cabaret, to spend a festive evening with friends!

Practical information:

Shake N’Smash
87, Rue de Turbigo
75003 Paris
+331 42 72 30 76

Open from 6:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.

More information: