Dynamo Exhibition at the Grand Palais

The Grand Palais National Galleries will be hosting the exhibit “Dynamo,un siècle de lumière et de mouvement dans l’art 1913-2013” from April 10th to July 22nd. The aim of this exhibit is to show how many artists have explored in their work the notions of light, space, vision, movement and structure.

Opening Hours:
Wednesday from 10am to 10pm
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 8pm.
Closed on Tuesdays

Metro: Champs-Elysées Clémenceau (Lines 1 and 13)

Adults: 13 euros
From 16 to 25 years old: 9 euros
Free for people under the age of 16.


With the metro, it takes only 22 minutes from the Aida Marais Hotel to the Grand Palais.